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LeClaire, IA is one of the greatest places in and around Quad Cities and was voted the best place to bring an out-of-town guest visiting Quad Cities. The mighty Mississippi river is a great attraction by itself in LeClaire. The history in the area makes LeClaire special for its memorials and mansions.

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LeClaire Business

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Roofing Services

LeClaire Roofing Services include roof inspection, roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation.

  1. Roof inspection involves checking your roof for any existing or anticipated leaks or problems. The contractor has a checklist according to the local codes. They will then inspect each aspect of the roof and mark any observations. An estimation will be given based on the work involved and time required. The roofing inspection is the basis for the estimations and work planning.
  2. Roof repair involves performing minor modifications to the roof system and components to ensure the safety of the roof. Any leaks or molded parts are checked and replaced. The contractor must ensure that the newly installed components are fitted correctly and are in compliance with the existing parts. After the repair is done, a follow-up is required to check there are no further defects.
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  4. Roof replacement involves replacing the entire surface of the roof and installing new one. The roof covering, shingles, and so on are removed and new items are added. The ridge cap shingles, eave protection, starter strip, soffit, fascia, ridge, drip edge, gable, hip, flashings, underlayment, sheathing, and so on are replaced. If the existing deck is working fine and can withstand the weather elements, it is left untouched. Sometimes, a new layer is added on top of the existing ones if a manufacturer allows such type of replacement. Determining any adjacent repairs such as attic insulation is also required.
  5. Roof installation involves adding a new roof for a new construction. All the components are procured and installed on a new building. New roofs are installed according to the manufacturer specifications to meet wind, fire, heat resistance. All supporting parts are checked for compliance with the new roofing system. The new roof must bmeet the condensation, ventilation, and dew point considerations. New roofs are built to withstand impact resistance of hail and storms.
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Roofing Improvement

LeClaire roofs must be maintained well as they are near to the Mississippi river and are prone to damage due to moisture. Roofing improvement involves checking LeClaire roofs twice a year. Once in fall and once in spring.

LeClaire Roofing

Roof improvement

Fall Roof Maintenance

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Spring Roof Maintenance

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Olde Town Group

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Olde Town Roofing

Roofing division

Olde Town Group

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Olde Town Group is the leading contractor that is serving LeClaire Roofing needs. Owned by Sean Vogler, Olde Town Group has installed hundreds of roofs in and around the Quad Cities including LeClaire. They are licensed and bonded both Illinois and Iowa that lets them serve more customers. They are familiar with the LeClaire's building codes and can take up any project. Olde Town Group is a family owned small business that suits well with the LeClaire's strategy of helping local people.

Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, have installed thousands of residential and commercial projects in the region. Olde Town Group has headquarters in Moline, IL and serves customers up to 200 mile radius. They have branches in Iowa City, Des Moines, and Bloomington. Olde Town Group is well experienced in residential and commercial roofing. They have accomplished many historical renovations, remodeling, new roofs, and re-roofs for multiple local commercial and residential properties. Expert management, skilled staff, quality products, planning, and implementation are the key elements of Olde Town Group's success.


Olde Town Group is a certified IKO Shield Pro Plus Contractor from IKO and a SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed. They are also a certified installer from IB Roof Systems. They partner with manufacturers to offer best products for customers. Olde Town Group has additional guarantee options on top of manufacturer warranty. Olde Town Group has expanded their services to offer a comprehensive range of options for customers. They work on siding, gutters, windows, kitchen/ bath/basement remodel, flooring, decks, and so on.

Financial and insurance assistance is available at Olde Town Group. They work with all customers and different budgets. You can get 100% financing at zero down payment and zero interest if you are qualified. Olde Town Group can help you with any insurance paper work or documentation required. They are familiar with the insurance industry and can help you with any queries you may have. Call Olde Town Group at 5637239940 or 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information on LeClaire Roofing.

Here is a brief introduction of Olde Town Group from its owner Sean Vogler.

IKO Shield Pro Plus Contractor

IKO Certified Roofing Contractor

CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master Certified Contractor

CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master Certified Contractor